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Release the equity in your home – without additional debt.

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Modern real estate investing – powered by blockchain.

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How QuantmRE works

Shared Equity Release - a smarter way to unlock the equity in your home. It's not a loan, so no monthly payments and no additional debt.

Don't wait until you've sold your home to enjoy your equity – with QuantmRE you can use the cash you release to improve your life now.

You can stay in your home for up to 30 years after you have released the value of your equity.

Why QuantmRE is better

The equity in your home is yours – you own it. We have a smarter way to help you unlock it. Release your cash now for home improvements, debt consolidation, dream vacations, college tuition – how you spend the money is entirely up to you.

  • NO monthly payments.
  • NO additional debt.
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Getting started with QuantmRE is easy. Just give us a little info about your home.

Supplying the information below is not a credit check, so your score is unaffected.